Welcome to the Mass Finishing Job Shops Association

The Mass Finishing Job Shops Association is devoted to the promotion and encouragement of Job Shops for the deburring, cleaning, surface finishing, etc. of metal and other parts. We are an international organization committed to ensure high ethical practices of Job Shops.

MFJSA members comprise the finest Mass Finishing Companies in the United States and Canada that provide industrial metal finishing services, equipment, or media related to:

  • Vibratory finishing
  • Shot Blasting/Shot Peening
  • Abrasive blast finishing
  • Parts cleaning

Or other related parts finishing processes on parts which are produced and owned by others.

Mfjsa Members

Mfjsa Members
Mfjsa Members
The MFJSA operates with a charter focused on:
  • Providing information to Manufacturers, Engineers and Decision Makers seeking top level recommendations, guidance and services from Association Member Companies throughout the United States and Canada.
    Please visit our Member Resources page to locate member companies and services they provide.
  • Promoting the professional image of the Job Shop. MFJSA members meet annually to provide training and updates on the latest industry developments. Members participate and/or present technical programs.
  • Ensuring the Quality of the Job Shop. MFJSA awards those member companies that have demonstrated excellence in process control and professional integrity.
  • Promoting Integrity of Practices and Ethical Business Operations. All MFJSA members must follow a code of ethics spelled out in our member handbook.
  • Developing favorable publicity and national advertising.
  • Pooling information to share in successes and solve mutual problems. Annual meetings provide members with opportunities for group problem solving as well as social connecting.
  • Working with other organizations to promote strong and viable manufacturing business opportunities. If you're a company looking to purchase Mass Finishing services, we invite you to contact one of our Member Companies. We promise you'll find a qualified company to satisfy your metal finishing jobs' needs.

New member companies that meet the qualifications are welcome. If you're a job shop interested in joining the MFJSA please complete and return the Membership application. We look forward to demonstrating how membership will benefit your company.