Mass Finishing Job Shops Association Membership

MFJSA membership is composed of job shops that currently employ Mass finishing techniques and methods including (but aren't limited to):

  • Vibratory finishing, barrel and/or one of the other mass finishing methods
  • Contract deburring, smoothing, preplate surface finishing
  • Burnishing, polishing, radiusing
  • Parts cleaning and blasting

or other related processes on parts which are produced and owned by others.

The MFJSA member companies represent the most experienced, knowledgeable and service oriented groups available for product finishing throughout North America. The member companies are available to recommend equipment, mechanical and chemical processes, and procedures to effectively provide its clients with quality end use parts.

Metal Finishing Companies
MFJSA Member Benefits

MFJSA members meet annually at national meetings for the purposes of exchanging ideas, news, developments, and other areas of mutual interest. In addition, MFJSA meetings focus on the training of new people and the mutual promotion of the Association. It's a great opportunity for metal finishing companies from all over the US and Canada to learn about the latest opportunities and regulations that may affect their businesses.

MFJSA gatherings combine business as well social outings with opportunities for fellowship. We encourage the sharing of ideas and camaraderie of our members and their spouses.

Please visit our Member Events page, and browse through the photo gallery to see images and awards from our last meetings.

Mass Finishing Association
MFJSA Website: a Marketing tool for Members

The MFJSA website is a tool to market its member companies; once membership is approved your company is listed and marketed by website search engine submissions that drive traffic to the MFJSA. Prospective Customers/Clients looking for job shop services recommendations on equipment, mechanical and chemical processes and procedures to provide their end use customers with first quality products are directed to members by their core competencies and geographic locations.

MFJSA Quality Plus Program

The MFJSA has created an award for those member companies in good standing who have demonstrated excellence in the control of their processes and professional credibility throughout the industry.

Each Quality approved MFJSA Member Company will be allowed to proudly display the MFJSA logo in its individual Marketing and Website programs. MFJSA logo use on any Member Company individual packaging or accompanying paperwork (Invoices, Bills of Lading, etc.) must have written approval from the MFJSA's Board of Directors.

If you are a current member and would like to learn more about qualification requirements please review the list of questions.

How to Join the MFJSA

The MFJSA is devoted to the high ethical practices of Job Shops; our member companies operate with the highest level of integrity and follow a code of ethics spelled out in our member handbook.

Prospective members may complete a member application online or print and mail to:

Executive Director, Mass Finishing Job Shops Association, 1711 44th Street, Moline IL 61265. /p>

Dues are $575 per calendar year. New members who join the MFJSA pay a prorated share of the $575 with a minimum of $250, whichever is higher. If the member application is not approved the dues will be returned.